Chapter 11 - The  GunStar

Another week goes by and another blog chapter is published!

This chapter is short but when you've finished reading, click on the Development Update link at the end of the chapter to view the video.

Drum roll please...

In this chapter I will present the star of the game... The GunStar!

I have now added the player's GunStar craft as it flies over the background terrain created so far. Eventually, it will have 22 screens of terrain per level but for now, I have only created 2 screens which loop over endlessly. This is enough for testing.

I've tried to design the GunStar graphics to closely match the GunStar artwork at the top of this page.

You'll notice that the nose of the GunStar is enlarged. This is the position of the Fusion Bomb. This is a weapon-of-mass-destruction which destroys every enemy ship on the screen with a single blast. When the game starts, the Fusion Bomb is discharged and you will need to collect Fusion Energy to charge it before it can be used.

Currently, the Fusion Bomb doesn't fire but I plan to have it working by the next blog.

I have been teasing everyone in the last few chapters about a video showcasing my work, so with no further ado, grab your popcorn and click on the image below to see a YouTube video where I talk about the game and show what is currently working.

Video Blog #1

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