Chapter 12 - Firing and the FBomb

A short chapter with several important updates.

I will be trying to produce a Video Blog with every chapter where possible. A video allows you to see my progress and I can explain and demonstrate my progress more clearly.

I'll still have these written Blogs but will make them short. As they say, a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words.

A new paint job!

If you watched the video from last month's chapter, you would have noticed a problem regarding the colors of the GunStar ship blending in with the background graphics which made parts of your ship seem to disappear. In particular, the gray used on the GunStar was the same as the grey used on the roads and building scenery below.

Unfortunately, the grey was needed for both but the CoCo3 doesn't have enough color variation to allow a suitable substitute that I was happy with.  The common way to fix this is to have a black outline around your ship to make a clear border between the GunStar and the background. But I felt this emphasised the low resolution too much and decided on altering the GunStar colors instead.

On the right is the new GunStar paint scheme. The changes are mainly on the nose of the ship but now it doesn't seem to blend in with the background so much.

Shoot now, ask questions later!

Now that I have the GunStar flying around, it's time to show it's claws!

I have added a single and 5-shot multifire capability complete with sampled sound effects. When you start the game, you have the single shot which you can upgrade to the 5-shot multifire for some serious blasting!

I have also got the Fusion Bomb functional. For this, you must collect Fusion energy to activate the Fusion Bomb after which the nose of the GunStar begins to spin to show it is ready to be unleashed. Firing of the Fusion Bomb is done by pressing the same single joystick button for a normal shot but if you hold the button down for 2 seconds, it will fire the Fusion Bomb. This causes the background to flash white and destroy all aliens on screen simultaneously in a spectacle of fireworks. This is also accompanied by the Fusion Bomb sound effect.

Currently, I have yet to add the aliens to see the full effect, but that's my plan.

Pause for House Keeping

I've had a good run of late with GunStar development. This is a good time to pause and do some housekeeping before jumping back into it.

I like to go over my code, clean up the formatting, check for any obvious optimizations I missed, update my documentation and think about how I'll tackle what awaits ahead.

I'll also update the latest blog and also create a vlog (Video Blog) for this chapter.

Last chapter's video had me thinking how useful a vlog can be for clearly explaining and showing my development progress. I will try to improve my video with each chapter, working out how to structure my presentation so that it is clear and easy to understand while keeping it short and to the point.

I'll also try to make them look professional and well presented... as best I can.

Click on the image below to view this chapter's YouTube video.

Video Blog #2

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