MAY 2019

Chapter 16 -  The Aliens take flight!

Time for another update and this time, I have the alien spacecrafts flying around the screen.

I've updated the Map Editor I mentioned in a previous chapter so that I could set flags to trigger an Alien spacecraft with a specific flight pattern. They fly around for a short time before veering off the screen. Currently they don't fire and there is no collision detection so nothing can harm me.

I have coded  the game to handle 10  sprites (plus my GunStar), although the code will handle as many as I like before the CPU is overloaded and the frame rate drops off. I have done tests with 20 sprites, all cleanly superimposed over the scrolling background with animation and no flicker or slow down. Once the Aliens are shooting at me, the screen will be so congested that staying alive will be impossible. I think 10 sprites should be enough but it can easily be increased if I decide.

I still need to define better flight patterns and ensure that there is enough variation in the Alien's attack.

Click on the link below to see a YouTube Video that will make thing clearer.... and save me a lot of typing!

Video Blog #5

That's all for this chapter. Short and sweet!

A video is worth 1000 words.  :)

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