Chapter 22 -  Countdown to completion

This chapter is simply a progress update as Gunstar approaches completion. I anticipate the completion of all coding before the end of December 2019. The game will then undergo the game testing phase by a select group of people of varying skill levels with a target release by CoCoFest in 2020.

In this chapter, rather than talk about the latest additions to the game, I will list the tasks that are yet to be done. Also, I will include a link to a short promo video that showcases the game so far.

Still-To-Do list

  1. High Score name entry

  2. Saving High Scores to disk

  3. Gunstar collision with the Boss aliens

  4. Demo attract mode

  5. Finalise the Aliens flight paths

  6. Finalise the Alien  appearance schedule 

Video Promo

This chapter is short and sweet. The short video link below will convey the current state of my development.

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