This site is a gallery of my software projects on the Maximite PIC32 based single chip computer created by Geoff Graham and originally presented in the Australian electronics magazine, Silicon Chip (March-May 2011).

It is presented here as an example of what is possible and hopefully encourage others to create and explore the many possibilities of this little computer and it's associated compatibles.



Donut Dilemma

RELEASED:  JANUARY 2013                             GENRE:  Arcade Platform Game

PLATFORM:  Colour Maximite                            REQUIREMENTS: MMBASIC 4.3 or greater

VERSION: 1.02                                                 DOWNLOAD LINK:  DONUT.ZIP

"Donuts have come alive ! Machines are running amuck !  The entire factory is out of control !!

Help Antonio climb ladders, jump platforms and ride elevators to reach the top floor and shut down the power generator which will restore law and order."

NOTE: Will run on original monochrome Maximite with reduced screensize and clarity.

Donut Dilemma is an original game I created in 1984 for the Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1/3 computers. It was programmed in Z-80 Assembly Language and featured low resolution 128x48 monochrome graphics and single bit sound.


In 1986, I created a Tandy Color Computer version. It was programmed in Motorola 6809 Assembly Language and featured 128x192 graphics in 4 colours with 6 bit sound. It sold commercially via Tandy Electronics stores Australia wide and sold over 3500 copies.

My Maximite port is programmed in Maximite Interpretive BASIC and features 240x216 graphics in 8 colours with 8 bit Amiga MOD format sound effects. It contains all 10 levels from the Tandy Color Computer version and supports the Nintendo Nunchuk and Atari style controllers.


I am distributing this program as donationware. What this means is that you may download the program for free and if you would like to show your appreciation for the work involved and encourage the development of more software in the future, then send a suggested donation of $5 via PAYPAL to: 

Thank you to those people that have donated. Your support is greatly appreciated.





RELEASED:  January 2013                                     GENRE:  Demo

PLATFORM:  Colour Maximite                                REQUIREMENTS: MMBASIC 4.0 or greater

VERSION: 1.0                                                       DOWNLOAD LINK:  BLITDEMO.ZIP

NOTE: Will run on original monochrome Maximite with reduced clarity.

BLITDEMO is a small program to demonstrate the use of the BLIT command.

It is a software equivalent of a Blitter, a hardware component that is dedicated to the copying of large quantities of data within a computer's memory with no CPU intervention. Early computers such as the Commodore Amiga and the Atari STe included  a blitter in their hardware design.

On the Maximite, the BLIT command works only on the graphics screen memory and can be used for creating scrolling windows, plot charts as well as games. The BLIT command can also be told to move video data from selected RGB graphics planes.


RELEASED:  June 2013                                     GENRE:  Demo

PLATFORM:  Colour Maximite                           REQUIREMENTS: MMBASIC 4.4 or greater

VERSION: 1.0                                                  DOWNLOAD LINK:  SPRTDEMO.ZIP

NOTE: Will run on original monochrome Maximite with reduced clarity.

SPRTDEMO is a small program to demonstrate the use of the SPRITE and COLLISION commands.

The program animates eight red pacman ghosts randomly around the screen, each overlaid over a detailed background image.

It utilizes the SPRITE COPY command to show how sprites can be animated.

This program was designed as a learning aid for anyone interested in using the powerfull SPRITE and COLLISION commands that have been incorporated into the latest revisions of MMBASIC. Most program lines have comments and the layout of the sprite file is detailed on the main screen.

File Manager

RELEASED:  JULY 2013                                     GENRE:  Utility

PLATFORM:  Colour Maximite                            REQUIREMENTS: MMBASIC 4.4 or greater

VERSION: 2.0                                                    DOWNLOAD LINK:  FILEMAN2.ZIP

NOTE: Will also run on original monochrome Maximite.

File Manager is a simple program to manipulate files on the SD drive.

It is a dual pane file manager, modelled on the immensely popular Directory Opus for the Commodore Amiga which allows the user to multi-tag files for file operations and batch transfer files from one window pane to the other.

Each view pane can display 2 columns of files for a total of 44 files and directories at one time. The dual view makes it very clear where files are going.

File Manager is ideal as a startup program for the Maximite. To make it start automatically on power-up, simply store it in the root folder of the SD card and rename it as AUTORUN.BAS.

It can also be used as a File Launcher making it easy to navigate the directory structures and execute the desired BAS files simply using the CURSOR and ENTER keys.

To exit the File Manager and return to MMBASIC, simply hit the F10 key.

Keyboard instructions and File Launcher setup are included in the program listing.

Fileman running on a Colour Maximite



Fileman running on a Mono Maximite


RELEASED:  APRIL 2012                                   GENRE:  Arcade Maze Game

PLATFORM:  Original Monochrome Maximite      REQUIREMENTS: MMBASIC 4.2 or greater

VERSION: 1.2                                                   DOWNLOAD LINK:  MAXMAN.ZIP

NOTE: This version works on both Colour and Monochrome Maximites.
NOTE: MaxMan was written before the inclusion of the advanced graphics commands of v4.0.

"You are MaxMan, a friendly-looking circle with a little wedge missing. You travel the maze, eating dots in your path while pursued by four ravenous monsters. If any of them catch you, you're a goner!

There are four 'energizers', one in each corner of the maze. Hit the energizers and the monsters are rendered helpless for a short time and you can catch them, sending them back to their lair.

Eat all the dots on the board and you are rewarded with another board in which the monsters have become smarter."

MaxMan, if you haven't guessed, is a clone of the great arcade classic... PacMan.

Written entirely in Maximite interpretive BASIC, it features arcade like graphics, sound effects and supports keyboard, Nintendo Nunchuck and Atari style joystick interfaces. 

My goal in creating MaxMan was to see if arcade like games of commercial level were possible in BASIC and also to show off the capabilities of the Maximite. 




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