Ready for Liftoff! Chapter 31 - August 19, 2016

The game is now complete and open for pre-order purchase!

The Next Stage

I'm doing some final testing, tweaks and adjustments but overall, it's ready.

The next stage is finalising game packaging and distribution. Below are photos of the planned packaging. It's in a clear DVD case, with a color cover insert, a color folded game manual and yes, it's a CD!

Brand new and reliable 5.25" floppy disks are hard to come by  and with the proliferation of Drivewire, CoCoSDC and the various Emulators, the DSK image format is the way forward for non-rom software distribution.

DSK's allow for electronic distribution via the internet but to provide a physical product that one can hold, showcase and potentially become a collectable, I have chosen a CD since most modern computers have access to these. The DSK image of the complete game will be on a color printed CD.

I am aware that some people may only have a 5.25" floppy drive on their CoCo3 so to cater for this, I have a limited number of new and unused floppy disks that I can create distribution disks to include for those people.

UPDATE:  All 5.25" media gone!  I cannot supply any more 5.25" disk versions.

I've had to throw out 5 boxes of unused, still sealed boxes of 5.25" disks due to deterioration and unreadability.  I am struggling to obtain enough supply to satisfy existing orders but I will get there in the end for current orders.
Sorry for the inconvenience but the technology has let us down.   5.25" disks are clearly end-of-life unless you pay much-higher-than-80's-prices  to get freshly manufactured disks.

Overall, it looks nice and professional and shouldn't cost too much to manufacture and post (from Australia).


Distribution schedule

Over the next few months, I will finalise the packaging and postage costs from Australia. My plan is to have this ready by mid November 2016 and start posting orders immediately after so that CoCo3 users will get delivery before Christmas.

A new video game for your CoCo3!

It's a Merry CoCo Christmas!


Advanced payments will allow me to raise the required funds for manufacture and dispatch. It will also tell me the required quantities I need to create.

The complete package including postage will be:   $25 US    (Add an extra $2 US to include 5.25" floppy disk copy)

Payable via PayPal to my account:

Send me your details in a separate e-mail using the address above. I will send you a confirmation e-mail and inform you when dispatch has occured.

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But wait! There's more!

Buy Pop*Star Pilot and included on the same CD are full versions of all my past CoCo games with manuals and original artwork.

Neutroid 2, Donut Dilemma, Rupert Rythym, Space Intruders, Cosmic Ambush, Pac-man, Gate Crasher and Neutroid 2.015.

A good deal made great!

  • Pop*Star Pilot was developed for a standard Tandy Color Computer 3 with 512K RAM.
  • It requires a single analog joystick such as the Tandy Deluxe Joystick.
  • A digital Atari/Commodore joystick with CoCo adapter is recommended for optimal gameplay.
  • It looks best on a RGB display but supports PAL and NTSC Composite video displays.
  • Runs perfectly on the MAME emulator and with some jitter in the current release of the VCC emulator.
  • Has been tested to work on both Roger Taylor's and Gary Becker's FPGA CoCo3 projects.


Copyright 2013 by Nickolas Marentes