Final Delivery Preparations Chapter 33 - October 3, 2016

I wish to thanks all the members of the CoCo community who have supported my efforts on this project and pre-ordered their copies in advance. It's wonderful when a community of people help one another to create, develop and reward new developments and discoveries for our favorite 8-bit computer system.

The CoCo is truly not a dead system. If anything, I am finding it just as lively as it was over 25 years ago.

Long live the CoCo!

Delivery Schedule approaches!

Final preparations have started as I begin the process of writing CD's and Floppy Disks then packing and addressing each order to begin posting from the beginning of next month (November), a bit earlier than I originally planned.

I sent a pre-release package to Stevie Strowbridge and L. Curtis Boyle (my official "QA assurance officers" - fancy title) and it appears that delivery to the US and Canada runs at about 10-15 days from Australia. This indicates that most of the prepaid orders will reach their destination by end of November hopefully.

I'm allowing plenty of delivery time before Christmas to avoid delays like the Christmas postal rush, bad Winter weather delays and even postal strikes.

Once it leaves my hands here, I'm at the mercy of the international postal system.

As a backup plan in case unforseen problems occur, people can contact me a week prior to Christmas and I can e-mail the final DSK file directly and try sort out the problem after Christmas/New Years.

My goal is to ensure that Pop*Star Pilot is delivered to all purchasers in time for Christmas.

Last month for pre-orders!

To guarantee delivery in time for Christmas, this will be the last month for pre-order sales before I begin shipping for a Christmas delivery. Orders will still be taken after this but I can't guarantee delivery before Christmas.

Price:  $25US

Made payable via Paypal to

Supplied on CD with a DSK format file for use with the CoCoSDC,
DriveWire, CoCo3 Emulator or transfer to a CoCo 5.25" floppy disk.

Add $2US if you also require a 5.25" floppy disk version.

CD also includes bonus games - Neutroid 2, Donut Dilemma,
Rupert Rythym, Space intruders, Pac-man, Gate Crasher & Neutroid 2.015.

But wait! There's more! Also included on the CD is 30 minutes of rare
bonus video footage which I'll leave as a surprise for people to discover.

A full CD of data!

For the Tandy Color Computer 3 with 512K RAM and 1 joystick.

New Videos!

Stevie Strowbridge continues to entertain and inform us as he continues to explore and inspire us with his adventures in CoCo gaming. He has released a video of his unboxing of his preview copy of Pop*Star Pilot and along with L. Curtis Boyle and myself, review the packaging and demonstrate the first zone of the game.

I highly recommend we support his enthusiasm for the CoCo by subscribing to his YouTube channel.

Steve Strowbridge Video Review:    CLICK HERE TO SEE YOUTUBE VIDEO

I have put together a new Pop*Star Pilot promo video. This time with no background music, just the game as it's played on a real CoCo3 (PAL Composite video capture from my CoCo3) with the actual sound effects from the game (no tricks).

Pop*Star Pilot Promo Video #2:    CLICK HERE TO SEE YOUTUBE VIDEO

Pop*Star Pilot stimulates the Brain

I was reading the September 2016 issue of Australian Science magazine and it had a feature story about the mental benefits of computer games.

Without presenting the entire article, here are some extracts of note...

"Individuals who regularly engage in action video games show enhanced perception, attention, sensorimotor skills and cognitive speed and flexibility."

"They are better at detecting information relevant to a task, sensing environmental changes, tracking multiple moving objects , mentally manipulating complex shapes, rapidly switching attention between tasks or performing multiple tasks concurrrently, and remembering visually presented information."

Fascinating article that I can only agree with its findings. I find that after playing Pop*Star Pilot, my mind is more awake and in tune than it was prior.

I figure that if I play Pop*Star Pilot for a few rounds every morning, I will eventually evolve myself into a superhuman capable of performing beyond my designed abilities!!

Well, that's what I like to tell myself anyway.   :)

The return of "My Song of the Month"

Throughout the Pop*Star Pilot development cycle, I've kept myself motivated by playing some of my favorite songs as a backdrop while programming. In some of these blogs, I've featured my favourite song or video during that month.

I haven't featured any music in a few months now but I will feature this months song that I have been playing almost on endless loop.

The reason I've liked this song so much is not so much because of the song or even the original artist.

This song is a cover of Justin Timberlakes song of 2013, Mirrors.

The song is covered by my 19 year old son Anton. He plays the acoustic guitars, did all the vocals, and multi-track mixed it on his laptop.

This is definately a fathers pride in his son.  :)



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