Dispatch! Chapter 34 - October 20, 2016

They're on thier way!

I've finished ahead of schedule and was left with the decision... "Do I wait a few weeks before I post?"

I always envisioned that it would be nice if the package arrived a week or so before Christmas to make it a truly exciting CoCo Christmas. Imagine a cold and snowing Christmas morning outside as you sit inside with the warmth of a glowing fireplace. Your CoCo3 is set up with it's friendly and familiar green screen as you begin to unwrap that white package of CoCo goodness sitting under the tree. It's been a long time since you've unwrapped a new CoCo software package at Christmas.


The package may be delayed due to the Christmas postal bottleneck or someone in the postal service put your package on the wrong conveyer belt and it ended up in Siberia!

Wouldn't that be traumatic?!

So I decided to ship early to give it plenty of time to make the journey across the world from that place known as Down Under (Australia).

I'll leave it up to the individual if they wish to refrain from opening it until Christmas day but I suspect that most would be keen to open it up to see what all the commotion was about.   :)

Package construction

Each package comprises a standard 700Mb CD-R with a glossy printable white surface. The inkjet printed label looks professional but I would recommend avoiding any moisture on the surface so as not to smear the print.

The CD contains a DSK file of Pop*Star Pilot plus DSK images of all my previous CoCo games including scans of the original instruction manuals and color package artwork where applicable.

Filling the remainder of the CD is a 30 minute video file with some never before seen footage which will make interesting and entertaining viewing.

Each CD was burned at a slower 24x write speed with verification. Pop*Star Pilot was loaded up into an emulator from every CD as an extra check of readability.

The instructions are printed in color using a laser printer on glossy paper stock.

The CD and instructions tuck neatly inside a standard clear DVD case with a color laser printed case insert.

For those that ordered a 5.25" floppy disk version as extra, it is included in your order but unfortunately it does not quite fit within the DVD case without damaging it.

Due to the age of still sealed new 5.25" disks, each disk was formatted twice then data written with verification. Pop*Star Pilot was loaded from each disk to confirm reliability.

Important Notes

  • The disk is unprotected and can be backed up with the standard BACKUP command in Disk Basic. My experiences with all magnetic media is that they are unreliable after all these years so it's wise to have a Backup.
  • To ensue that everyone recieves thier prepaid copy of Pop*Star Pilot in time for Christmas, contact me a week before Christmas day if your package has not arrived and I can e-mail you the DSK image file directly.
  • Be careful when removing the CD from the DVD case. Those clips that secure the CD in place can be tight and require the centre locking clips to be pushed in to release the CD. Avoid bending the CD excessively.
  • Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Copyright 2013 by Nickolas Marentes