Pictures of my original CoCo3 purchased when it was released in Australia in 1986. This is the unit I developed all of my CoCo3 projects after 'Donut Dilemma'. Over the years, I added my own home made 512K memory upgrade using 2 x 8 bit SIMM modules taken from an old IBM PC clone, 6809 CPU upgraded to a Hitachi 6309 and an internal fan with a hidden switch so I can turn it on during those long and hot programming sessions in our typical Australian summer nights. You can also see the PAL composite video daughterboard that all PAL CoCo3's came with. No separate composite and RGB palettes here! The Super Extended Color Basic ROMS are also factory socketed.

It has never missed a beat in all those years of use and I still use it today as my main development CoCo although the floppy disk drives remain disconnected and all disk I/O is done with the excellent Drivewire software connected to my PC. This unit has a 1987 GIME chip although I do have a backup CoCo3 with a 1986 GIME and a US NTSC CoCo3 with a 1986 GIME for testing purposes.

My CoCo3


My CoCo3... topless!


My homemade 512K upgrade made with SIMMS from a PC/XT


Top internal view with keyboard removed


The PAL composite video daughterboard under the mainboard


Underneath view of motherboard


The internal fan modification attached to case with hidden switch


Closeup of the internal fan


The internal fan connecting to the PAL daughterboard power connector


The fan and hidden switch as seen from the outside of the case


Serial number 1002953


Full frontal