Genre: Arcade      Created: August 2023      Language: 6809 M/L     System: Tandy Color Computer 1,2,3 or Dragon - min 64K RAM

 You don't have to be mad to be a nuclear scientist... but it helps.

Guide the Neutroid particle within the reaction chamber  to collide with Protroid particles and absorb the energy released.

Avoid the Antitroid particles which drain your Neutroid's energy.

Absorbing Antimatter energy will allow you to neutralize the Antitroid particles  and absorb their energy instead.

Don't allow your Neutroid to completely discharge as it will trigger a Nuclear Meltdown.

  • 2 channel sampled sound effects.
  • 8 real color SG8 graphics.
  • Joystick or Keyboard control.

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Included on the CD will be all versions of Neutroid listed
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The history and evolution of Neutroid

Neutroid - TRS-80 Model 1  16K (1983)
Neutroid was my second full assembly language (Z80) game that I created on my first computer, a 16K Level II TRS-80 Model 1. That was back when I was an 18 year old with dreams of becoming a highly successful video game developer who would go on to become the ruler of the world! ... but I digress.  :)

Neutroid was an original game idea that I created during a time when other games were starting to appear that  had an atomic/nuclear theme. Games like Reactor (1982) by Gottlieb in the arcade,  Reactoid (1983) released on cartridge by Radio Shack for the Color Computer.

My goal for Neutroid was to create a game with lots of sound and fast frenetic gameplay while playing a background tune. I certainly pushed that 1-bit speaker to make it one of the noisiest games on the TRS-80 and the game speed picked up as the levels progressed requiring fast nimble reflexes to play.

I marketed the game by designing my own packaging with instructions, recording distribution tapes and wrapping it all up in a plastic zippy bag. I would sell them through a tobacconist who was a keen TRS-80 hobbyist and sold TRS-80 software within his shop. I probably sold 10 copies in total at $20 each which after expenses, amounted to about $100 profit. Great pocket money for an 18 year old at the time.

CLICK HERE to go to the Neutroid web page.

Neutroid II - Color Computer 1&2  16K  (1984)
By 1984, my desire to create games with higher resolution color graphics led me to migrating to the Tandy Color Computer 2. With a new hardware platform and a different CPU to learn, I decided that my first assembly language game would be a remake of my game Neutroid.

My goal was the same as that on my TRS-80 Model 1 but this time with color and better sound using the Color Computer's 6-bit sound capabilities. The Color Computer's high resolution graphics with limited color palette choices didn't impress me so I chose to use the less used semigraphics modes which provided the full 8 colors all on a black background.

Neutroid II Advertisement - DEC'84 Australian CoCo Magazine
This mode had horizontal resolution limitations and made it more difficult for me to do a direct conversion from the TRS-80 version so I decided to simplify the game to make it easier for myself and call this version, Neutroid II.

At the time of release, it did represent a game with better sound and color capabilities compared to most games on the CoCo. Unfortunately, it was too abstract a game concept for many people which is indicated by the number of copies I sold, ZERO!

Even with a half page advertisement I placed in the Dec. '84 issue of Australian CoCo magazine, Neutroid II was a collosal failure and had me thinking at the time about jumping ship to another computer platform such as a Commodore or MSX.

CLICK HERE to go to the Neutroid II web page.

Neutroid 2.015 - Color Computer 1,2,3  16K  (2015)
This version was an update to Neutroid II which I called Neutroid 2.015, a play with the number because it was the version 2 with a few updates and improvements made in the year 2015. I distributed this version as freeware.

Updates included...

- Full support of the semigraphics mode as used on the CoCo3. Now works on all CoCo's with at least 16K ram.
- Previous versions were keyboard only control. This version replaced it for joystick control to be easier to play.
- Cosmetic changes to the Title and High Score pages as well as some of the game graphics.
- Adjusted the games difficulty progression to make it easier.

CLICK HERE to go to the Neutroid 2.015 web page.

Neutroid 2.015

Title Screen

High Score Screen

Neutroid Reloaded - Color Computer 1,2,3  64K  (2023)
And now we arrive 40 years later and Neutroid continues to evolve! It's a game that continues to lay dormant in my mind and that I've always felt could be improved.
Ultimately, the Neutroid 'itch' got the better of me and I just had to right the wrongs of this game which I have a personal attachment to. To hell with the critics!!   :)

It always bothered me that the changes I had made in the Color Computer version had lost some of the original concept that I had with the TRS-80 Model 1 version. 40 years later, I have a better understanding of graphic design using the semigraphics modes than what I had back in 1984 and so another update was due.

I also improved the sound further using interrupts to trigger sample sounds and the game now has an electric feel to it. This why the game now requires 64K (32K of samples) whereas previous versions ran in 16K. I also implemented an overlay graphics system similar to my latest games to allow implementation of sprites and graphics. The original game was hard to play for the average gamer so I also simplified it to be more intuitive.

This version looks closer to the original TRS-80 Model 1 version and more closely matches the spirit of that original concept. For a game that can run on a 64K upgraded Color Computer 1, it offers some of the best sound effects with 8 real colors onscreen than most games for this system.

Neutroid Reloaded

Title Screen

High Score Screen