A Game Development Blog by Nickolas Marentes for the Tandy Color Computer 3.

      This blog will primarily focus on the creative and technical design aspects I employ to create this game.
      Due to time constraints, I will not be delving into the actual coding details.


Chapter 08 - Robots, Lifts and  the Countdown Timer

I was getting lonely walking around an empty building so I decided it was time to create a few companions to keep me company.

For this chapter, I have added the security robots which patrol various platforms in some of the levels. These move left and right on their platform, monitoring the floor for security breaches. Occasionally, they will stop in their tracks and spin around if you are in the opposite direction.

They move smoothly in pixel increments at a slower rate than your character allowing you to out run them. Currently, your character can walk past them but ultimately they will knock you off the platform and to your doom. You will later be able to collect EMF bombs to temporarily disable them to allow you to pass.


The Elevator Lifts are now fully operational. You stand in front of a Lift door and press the joystick up. The lift doors slide open with a satisfying mechanical swoosh sound and you may enter the lift by pressing the joystick up again for a second time. If you do not enter after a few seconds, the doors close again.

You can now navigate to any room from the Foyer level and return as many times as required. Your goal is to disable every security sensor in  each room. When they are active, they are Red. They turn Green when deactivated.

When all the sensors are disabled in that room, the completed room is indicated in the central panel at the bottom of the screen.

Countdown Timer

The bomb countdown timer is now operational at the bottom of the screen. When you start a game, it will begin counting down from 9999.

You will need to gain entry into the final level on the top floor and disable the nuclear bomb before the countdown reaches 0000. I will adjust the speed of this countdown after I determine the amount of time required to successfully complete the mission.

The game is progressing well and so far, no bugs (touch wood).

I will postpone a video for this month until I add more to showcase in the next chapter.

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