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      This blog will primarily focus on the creative and technical design aspects I employ to create this game.
      Due to time constraints, I will not be delving into the actual coding details.


Chapter 09 -  Cage Hoist and Shredder levels

In this chapter I am concentrating on finishing the Shredder level from the last chapter and the Cage Hoist level.


This level has one-way elevators that your character must navigate while avoiding the Shredder blades at the top and bottom of the screen. There are 4 of these spinning blades that have a nice 3D look to them. The image on the right doesn't do it justice and is more visible when you see the video to appreciate the animation.

Your character must jump from elevator to elevator while they are moving so as to reach each of the security switches that you must disable by simply walking over them.

Cage Hoist

This level is quite novel. Here you must board a Cage Hoist that you control to reach each of the platforms with conveyor belts where boxes are being dispatched. You must real each of the boxes before they tumble off the conveyor and into the burning fire pits. Every box saved turns the security switch OFF for that platform while every box missed that falls into the fire, sets the security switch ON again.

This level is fast moving. When all the switches are disabled, no more boxes appear on the conveyers.

This level is the first of several with a mini-game as part of the level.

Video Preview

As promised last chapter is a video showing my work so far which includes the Robots, Lifts and Countdown Timer from the last chapter.

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