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      This blog will primarily focus on the creative and technical design aspects I employ to create this game.
      Due to time constraints, I will not be delving into the actual coding details.


Chapter 11 -  Power Station and Transporter Tubes

I have been busy completing my other project, a game for the TRS-80 Model 1 titled Gem Hunter based on the Atari 2600 game, Man Goes Down by Alex Herbert. It required me to go back to my roots of 40 years ago and program in Z-80 Assembly Language. I thought I'd struggle remembering how to program the TRS-80 Model 1 but surprisingly, it came back to me.

One thing that I am quite clear on, the Motorola 6809 is a MUCH better CPU.

A link to my Gem Hunter page is HERE.

Now that I have that diversion out of the way, I can return to the real job, Zero Hour!

I have done two more levels. Everything is functional except the Robots which still can't get you, the EMF Bombs are not in yet and the Credits, Number of Lives and EMF Bomb Counter displays are not yet working.

Power Station

This level has a large electrical distribution mechanism with dangerous high voltage arcing contact points. You will need to pass through this area multiple times to access the fire control switches to reach the security switches that you need to disable. Two security robots are also there that you will need to get past.

This is a good looking level and the arcing sound and visual effects add to the steampunk'ish look of the game.

Transporter Tubes

This level has four Star Trek inspired Transporter Tubes located in the corner areas of the level. You use these to transport yourself to any of the other tubes which may be inaccesible otherwise.

There are also two fire control switches which you can use to allow passage to the security switches.

These levels take time to fine tune so they play just right. I will do another 2 levels next that also contain operating machines. This game is the most time consuming game I have done but I am progressing at a steady rate.

I hope to have another Video Preview in the next chapter.

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