Genre: Arcade    Creation Date: November 2016     Language: 6809 Assembly Language    System: Tandy Color Computer 3 with 512K

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  Digital Download Only (No Media): $10US
Contact me via e-mail on nickma1@optusnet.com.au.  Payment via PayPal.

         Physical Package (CD):
via kunaki.com (see below): $20 US

Version 1.1 Free Update

This is a revised version that has the original Zones 2 and 3 swapped.

I found many people were finding Zone 2 too difficult to complete. Zone 2 is a hard level and in hindsight, I should have placed Zone 3 after Zone 2 for a more balanced difficulty progression.
That has been corrected in this Version 1.1 update for owners of the original software.

Download the PATCH.ZIP file and extract the file PATCH.DSK. Copy the two files on this disk image, "POPSTAR.BAS" and "MAPDATA.BIN" to replace the equivalent files on your working copy on CoCoSDC or Floppy Disk.

Pop the balloons, be the Star!

Have you got what it takes to navigate all 5 zones of this aerial obstacle course?

Dodge and manoeuvre your way over buildings, inside caverns and through suspended structures popping balloons along the way to earn points.

Keep an eye on your fuel and top up at every opportunity to keep your gas guzzling craft in the air.

You will need to collect a minimum of 25 tokens to unlock your passage into the final Zone 5.

It will take nerves of steel and sharp reflexes to survive the journey so crank that engine and buckle up!

Zone 1 - Grecian Paradise

Zone 2 - Stormy Seas

Zone 3 - Sub-Terrainia

Zone 4 - High Tech

Technical features

  • Split screen smooth 1 byte hardware scrolling.
  • Flicker free double buffered video.
  • 2 channel interrupt driven sample based sound effects.
  • Raster background effects engine.
  • 320 x 225 x 16 color graphics resolution.
  • 80 screens worth of detailed scrolling landscape.

Game Development

Pop*Star Pilot was programmed using a traditional style Editor Assembler (Robert Gault's EDTASM6309) on an actual Tandy Color Computer 3 with 512K of RAM.

Graphic design was done using a Commodore Amiga running the Brilliance graphics package. Sound sample manipulation was done using Audacity on a PC.

Level design was created on the Color Computer 3 using a custom Level Editor I wrote in standard ROM BASIC.

For all the development details and history of Pop*Star Pilot, go to the Development Blog web pages linked at the top of this page. There, you will find over 30 chapters detailing the design, development and distribution of this game.

Distribution and Purchase Information

With reliable blank 5.25" floppy disks becoming harder to locate, I have chosen to switch to CD as a new distribution medium. Almost everyone has access to a CD reader on a PC or MAC computer and with more people now able to use DSK disk image files on their Color Computers via CoCoSDC controllers, Drivewire and Emulators, it seemed the logical choice.

'Pop*Star Pilot' physical media can be ordered via:   kunaki.com


Click on the link above to take you directly to the sales page.

Just enter a QUANTITY then your COUNTRY, STATE and ZIP and press the CALCULATE SHIPPING button.

It will be supplied on CD as a DSK format file for use with the CoCoSDC, DriveWire, CoCo3 Emulator or transfer to a CoCo 5.25" floppy disk.

The purchase of Pop*Star Pilot (Digital Download or CD) also includes full version bonus games - Neutroid 2, Donut Dilemma, Rupert Rythym, Space intruders, Pac-man, Gate Crasher & Neutroid 2.015.

: The CD from Kunaki does not include the V1.1 patch. You can apply the patch from this web page onto a working copy of the original on CoCoSDC or Floppy Disk.

But wait! There's more!
Also included on the CD is 30 minutes of rare bonus video footage of PennFest 2000, a CoCoFest held in Pittsburgh on August 19, 2000 and hosted by me and Ron Bull.

YouTube Videos

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