Genre: Puzzle Arcade   Creation Date: Nov 2020   Language: Assembly Language   System: Tandy Color Computer 1/2/3 and Dragon (16K min)

Pipes is modelled on the game Pipe Mania on the Commodore Amiga.

For CoCo 1/2/3 or Dragon computers with a minimum of 16K RAM, 
Analogue Joystick or Mouse.

NOTE: The UK Dragon 64 has a hardware discrepancy with the Horizontal Sync
IRQ interrupts which prevent the music from playing consistently.


Pipes is my second return to revisiting the early Color Computer 1, 2 and Dragon systems after the success of my game Rally-SG.

 This time, I challenged myself to create a game that could run on every CoCo with a minimal RAM size of 16K. I also wanted to create a game with good quality music playing in the background during game play. This is quite a challenge for me considering I have the musical finesse of a flatulating rhinoceros! Making background music during gameplay was something I haven't even done on a CoCo3 running at twice the clock speed.

To achieve this required a game which wasn't too taxing on the hardware and which left me with enough cpu time to setup an interrupt driven software sound chip of sorts. The results are better than I expected and the game allowed me to delve into a game genre that I have never done before... the Puzzle Arcade.

Pipes runs on every model Color Computer and the Dragon 32 with at least 16K of RAM. It will also work on a NTSC American Tano Dragon 64 but due to a hardware limitation in the UK Dragon Data Dragon 64, the game plays properly but the music does not.

A fast paced puzzle game in which the player lays down a set of pipes on a tiled grid in order to keep the water flowing through the pipes as long as possible without overflowing.

Avoid the obstacles and earn bonus points by channelling the water flow through one-way and cross-pipe pieces.


64 x 64 graphics resolution

8 Colors + Black

Uses Semigraphic Mode 8

2 voice music with note decay

Click image above to see the video

Plays very well with
the Radio Shack CoCo Mouse.