Genre: Arcade      Creation Date: 2021      Language: Z-80 M/L      System: TRS-80 Model 1,3,4 & Compatible

After almost 40 years since my last programming efforts on the TRS-80 Model 1, I decided to return to my original love and and brought my original TRS-80 out from storage. Setting it up again, I was surprised to find that it still worked perfectly!

After reliving some of my old game memories, I had the desire to test myself to see how much of my TRS-80 programming knowledge had withstood the test of time. Memories came rushing back and I suddenly had an urge to put myself to the ultimate test by creating another game for this iconic system.

So with a Z-80 reference manual in hand, I started coding. Three months later and Gem Hunter is the result.

Geology was never this much fun!

You are the Gem Hunter and you must go down a deep underground cavern, riding platforms and collecting as many gems along the way to achieve the high score.

But don't stray too far out of view or you will be lost in the cavern forever!

Based on the Atari 2600 game Man Goes Down by Alex Herbert.

  Click  HERE  to see YouTube video of the game in play. 

Programmed entirely in Z-80 Assembly Language, the experience was a great nostalgia trip of my youth. Fun days for sure!

The platform structures and gem positions in Gem Hunter are randomized with every game providing an element of luck and variety making each game a bit different. Sometimes you may get lucky and get an easier game while others will test you.

Gem Hunter is a simple game which is an ideal project to re-introduce myself to programming a game on the TRS-80 after almost 40 years abscence.

I hope it provides TRS-80 enthusiasts with hours of fun and enjoyment.

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Digital Download - For the General user

Includes the game as a CMD file and the instructions as a PDF emailed directly to you using the e-mail address provided by your PayPal purchase.

This file can be used in an emulator either directly or added to a DSK/DMK image file. It could also be written to a real disk if you have that capability.

Adding it to a HFE file allows you to use it on a GOTEK drive.

With so many formats in use, it is difficult to satisfy everyone's loading preference so I will supply the base file (CMD) and let the user create the format that suits.

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Physical CD Media Pack  - For the Collector

Includes all files in the Digital Download listed above as well as several DSK and  HFE formats of the game. Also a WAV file to allow you to record your own cassette for the complete retro experience!

All files are on a printed CD for reading on your PC/MAC, color box artwork and instruction leaflet in a CD case.

BONUS GAMES - Historical Archive

On the CD will also be a complete collection of all the TRS-80 games I developed in the early 80's including two previously unavailable adventures.