Genre: Action/Adventure/Puzzle      Created: March 2022      Language: 6809/6309 M/L     System: Tandy Color Computer 3 with 512K RAM

Save the city from Nuclear Armageddon!!

Your mission is to infiltrate the site at ground zero, avoid the surveillance robots and disable the security sensors on each of the 12 levels to gain access to level 13 where you must disarm the nuclear bomb before the countdown timer expires.


Zero Hour is unique to other games I have created in that it has no scoring. The game is a mashup of game genres. It's a platform game with a few puzzle elements and a sense of adventure thrown in.

It uses an upgraded version of my 3-plane graphics engine used in my game Gunstar in a higher resolution and provides a full screen backdrop of animated cogs. It was the most time consuming game that I developed due to the fact that many levels have a mini-game.

The 2 channel interrupt driven sound uses one of the channels to provide a soft mechanized background soundscape while the other channel provides the digital sound effects and voices.

The game is designed for a standard 6809 CPU but will utilize a 6309 CPU if it detects it to provide an approximate 10% speed boost.

Zero Hour was designed to be fun for the average player. It doesn't require you to be a pro game player and it gives you the freedom to explore the levels freely. The game is win'able for anyone with enough patience.

I hope it provides CoCo enthusiasts with hours of fun and enjoyment.